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Final Project ___ The banks headquarter will have:___The willThe250 users A datacenter Different departments (Create VLANs /...




Final Project;The banks headquarter will have;The will;The;250 users A datacenter Different departments (Create VLANs / Subnets) 7 Floors The datacenter will be located in the middle of the building.;bank is connected to the internet meaning ISP will be involved, DMZ Firewall be required.;project will be 33 % of each of the following;? Technical? Communication / Presentation skills? Budget / Finance (Microsoft Excel will be required);Items needed for users at headquarter;? IP phones? VLANs? Printers / Copiers;Items needed for the Datacenter (Datacenter is very confidential);? Switches? Routers? Servers? Work Stations? IP phones? Firewall / DMZ;The project will be submitted in PDF.;Final Project Part B As mentioned in Final Project Part A, the Bank Company will have 15 branches which will have;the following inventory;1- Router 2- Switches 3- PCs / Workstations 4- 3 Printers / Copiers 5- Servers / IP Phones 6- 4? 6 Cameras 7- 1 ATM with IP address;The video captured from the cameras will be stored 7 days on site and 3 days off site. Create a different subnet for different subnet for you cameras.;For redundancy you can get 2 separates ISP line for each branch. Your ISP will give a public /30 subnet for headquarter and each branch.;On a T1 approach, you are building your own internet meaning all branches are connected to the HQ which makes it a point of failure. On an ISP approach you will use VPN to connect to HQ.;You can use a private class C IP address with the default subnet mask of for each of your subnets. Make sure not to use the same IP scheme on you branches


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