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divide and conqure algorithm




Q1)The algorithm for merging two sorted lists or arrays can be;modified to perform the union operation on two sets. Given;two sorted arrays A and B representing two sets of integers;modify this algorithm so that it will produce as output the;union of the two sets.;Q2);Given a non-signed decimal integer M, we would like to convert it;into binary. For example, the decimal number "13" is equivalent to;the binary number 1101. Generating the digits of the binary number;can be done by a repeated division of the form;M = q * 2 + r;where the remainder "r" is the next bit in the binary number and M;will be replaced by q before repeating this division operation to;generate the next new digit. For example, to generate the bits for;the decimal number 13, we perform;13 = 6 * 2 + 1;6 = 3 * 2 + 0;3 = 1 * 2 + 1;1 = 0 * 2 + 1;Design an algorithm by induction to generate (and print) the binary;digits of a given non-signed decimal number M.


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