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What is the most common database query language?;Question 1 answers;SQL;MML;C++;Java;Question 2 text Question 2 1 points...




What is the most common database query language?;Question 1 answers;SQL;MML;C++;Java;Question 2 text Question 2 1 points Save;The ability to pass values to modules makes programming much more ____, because independently created modules can exchange information efficiently.;Question 2 answers;flexible;reliable;unique;interesting;Question 3 text Question 3 1 points Save;When a file holds records sorted in the order in which they were entered, the file is in ____ order.;Question 3 answers;temporal;alphabetical;data-entry;x;Question 4 text Question 4 1 points Save;You need to understand a subroutine's ____ in order to use it.;Question 4 answers;internal structure;local variables;programming style;interface;Question 5 text Question 5 1 points Save;What happens during a merging program when both input files contain the same value?;Question 5 answers;an error occurs;the program exits;two identical records will appear in the merged file;only one record will appear in the merged file;Question 6 text Question 6 1 points Save;How would you determine if a field is blank?;Question 6 answers;see if the value = null;see if the value = BLANK;see if there is no value specified;there is no way to tell a blank record;Question 7 text Question 7 1 points Save;The questions that cause the database software to extract the appropriate records from a table and specify the fields to be viewed are called ____.;Question 7 answers;reports;queries;keys;indexes;Question 8 text Question 8 1 points Save;Merging files involves combining two or more files while maintaining the ____.;Question 8 answers;contents;sequential order;program code;data;Question 9 text Question 9 1 points Save;What type of software is used to run a computer and manage its resources?;Question 9 answers;database;application;operating system;command line;Question 10 text Question 10 1 points Save;In a use case, the actual use cases are represented by ____.;Question 10 answers;rounded rectangles;ovals;arrows;stick figures;Question 11 text Question 11 1 points Save;What task(s) are involved in designing a database table?;Question 11 answers;naming each row;naming each column;naming each column and providing data types;inserting all the data;Question 12 text Question 12 1 points Save;When sorting the values 65, 80, 95, 75, 90, what is the order of the elements after the very first comparison in a selection sort?;Question 12 answers;65, 80, 95, 75, 90;75, 65, 80, 95, 90;80, 65, 95, 75, 90;65, 75, 85, 90, 95;Question 13 text Question 13 1 points Save;Assume an array has the following values: 90, 85, 65, 95, 75. What are the values in the array after the bubble sort has finished?;Question 13 answers;85, 65, 90, 75, 95;85, 90, 65, 75, 95;65, 85, 90, 75, 95;65, 75, 85, 90, 95;Question 14 text Question 14 1 points Save;What is the least common table relationship?;Question 14 answers;one-to-one;one-to-some;one-to-many;many-to-many;Question 15 text Question 15 1 points Save;A diagram that shows which screen leads to another is called a(n) ____.;Question 15 answers;storyboard;object dictionary;interactivity diagram;flowchart;Question 16 text Question 16 1 points Save;contains an extra field in each record that contains a pointer to the next logical record.;Question 16 answers;A linked list;An index;Physical memory;Random-access memory;Question 17 text Question 17 1 points Save;is a feature of programs or modules that have been tested and proven to work correctly.;Question 17 answers;Reusability;Expense;Reliability;Efficiency;Question 18 text Question 18 1 points Save;How many loops are there in a bubble sort?;Question 18 answers;0;1;2;3;Question 19 text Question 19 1 points Save;To create a new object of a class, you must ____ it.;Question 19 answers;instantiate;derive;inherit;enable;Question 20 text Question 20 1 points Save;When merging two files, an eof condition is detected in one file. In order to continue processing a ____ value is set in the comparison variable.;Question 20 answers;dumb;high;null;flag;Question 21 text Question 21 1 points Save;A device that you can use without understanding the internal workings is a ____.;Question 21 answers;subroutine;black box;blue triangle;computer;Question 22 text Question 22 1 points Save;In a(n) ____ the first element in the array is assumed to be the smallest.;Question 22 answers;bubble;swap;selection;insertion;Question 23 text Question 23 1 points Save;Methods in a class that have the same name but different signatures are called ____.;Question 23 answers;an error;overloaded;overridden;overtyped;Question 24 text Question 24 1 points Save;Where is the best place to put a menu bar?;Question 24 answers;top of screen;left side of screen;right side of screen;bottom of screen;Question 25 text Question 25 1 points Save;coupling occurs when two or more modules change one another's data.;Question 25 answers;Common;Normal;External;Pathological;Question 26 text Question 26 1 points Save;Assume a customer record contains the fields;custId;custName;custPhoneNum;custNextCustAddress;You could conclude this is part of a(n) ____.;Question 26 answers;index;linked list;insertion sort;swap;Question 27 text Question 27 1 points Save;What type of event is caused by pressing the left mouse button two times in rapid sequence?;Question 27 answers;mouse press;mouse drag;mouse double-click;mouse point;Question 28 text Question 28 1 points Save;A good way to tell if a class is a parent or child is to use the ____ test.;Question 28 answers;is-a;has-a;of-a;SHAMP;Question 29 text Question 29 1 points Save;What type of sort is being performed in the below code?;Inline image 24.jpg;Question 29 answers;selection;swap;insertion;bubble;Question 30 text Question 30 1 points Save;How many different types of table relationships are there?;Question 30 answers;1;2;3;4;Question 31 text Question 31 1 points Save;The first task that any menu-driven program should perform is ____.;Question 31 answers;accept another response;displaying the menu;reading the user response;performing a module based on user selection;Question 32 text Question 32 1 points Save;A method that is called when a new object is created is a(n) ____.;Question 32 answers;definer;initializer;constructor;housekeeping method;Question 33 text Question 33 1 points Save;In an object-oriented program, ____ is/are more complete than with the modules used in procedural programs.;Question 33 answers;encapsulation;data sharing;variable naming;data structures;Question 34 text Question 34 1 points Save;If you were creating a subclass of Inventory (see below code), and you wished to override the showInvData method, which of the following method signatures could you use?;Inline image 50.jpg;Question 34 answers;public showInvData(char desc);public showInvData(num pr);public showInvData(char desc, num pr);public showInvData();Question 35 text Question 35 1 points Save;Which of the following is a dynamic UML diagram?;Question 35 answers;class;object;component;statechart;Question 36 text Question 36 1 points Save;If the below code is used to run a menu-driven program, what menu option is used to quit the program?;Question 36 answers;0;1;2;3;Question 37 text Question 37 1 points Save;A ____ module can also be called a dispatcher module, because it dispatches messages to a sequence of more cohesive modules.;Question 37 answers;main;housekeeping;cleanUp;looping;Question 38 text Question 38 1 points Save;A rectangular object you can click is a(n) ____.;Question 38 answers;option button;button;label;text field;Question 39 text Question 39 1 points Save;The timing of events in a single use case are shown using a(n) ____ diagram.;Question 39 answers;object;component;sequence;time-based;Question 40 text Question 40 1 points Save;Most windows applications have ____.;Question 40 answers;graphical user interfaces;consoles;batch processing capabilities;command-line interfaces;Question 41 text Question 41 1 points Save;Details about how computer systems work together are part of the ____ discipline.;Question 41 answers;programming;system design;system administration;network configuration;Question 42 text Question 42 1 points Save;The numbers 1 3 5 6 7 10 15 are stored in ____ order.;Question 42 answers;descending;random;ascending;physical;Question 43 text Question 43 1 points Save;Which of the following would be the best numeric high value?;Question 43 answers;-999;0;99;99999999999;Question 44 text Question 44 1 points Save;What step is present in coding an event-driven program but not part of creating a procedural program?;Question 44 answers;Understand the problem.;Code the program.;Translate the program into machine language.;Create storyboards.;Question 45 text Question 45 1 points Save;Which of the following is a static UML diagram?;Question 45 answers;class;statechart;activity;collaboration;Question 46 text Question 46 1 points Save;A basic query is: ____ custId, lastName FROM tblCustomer WHERE state = "WI;Question 46 answers;SELECT;GRAB;GROUP;INSERT;Question 47 text Question 47 1 points Save;Menus are used in ____ programs.;Question 47 answers;batch;interactive;command-line;offline;Question 48 text Question 48 1 points Save;Several programming languages contain a name you can use for a value that occurs when every bit in a byte is an "on" bit, creating a value that is even higher than all Zs or all 9s. For example, in COBOL this value is called ____, and in RPG it is called HIVAL.;Question 48 answers;99;ON;HIGH;HIGH-VALUES;Question 49 text Question 49 1 points Save;Which of the following sorting methods is least efficient?;Question 49 answers;insertion;selection;basic bubble sort;optimized bubble sort;Question 50 text Question 50 1 points Save;A(n) ____ is unique among all records in a file.;Question 50 answers;flag;logical order;key field;index;Question 51 text Question 51 1 points Save;As well as being natural, icons should be ____.;Question 51 answers;creative;predictable;unique;brightly colored;Question 52 text Question 52 1 points Save;Another name for data coupling is ____ coupling.;Question 52 answers;normal;data-structure;external;internal;Question 53 text Question 53 1 points Save;A child class ____ a parent class when both have a method with the same signature.;Question 53 answers;overloads;overrides;subclasses;descends;Question 54 text Question 54 1 points Save;It is a good idea to ____ components that cannot be used on a particular screen.;Question 54 answers;dim;brighten;draw a line through;highlight;Question 55 text Question 55 1 points Save;When sorting the values 65, 80, 95, 75, 90, what is the order of the elements after the first element is moved during a selection sort?;Question 55 answers;65, 80, 95, 75, 90;65, 75, 80, 95, 90;80, 65, 95, 75, 90;65, 75, 85, 90, 95;Question 56 text Question 56 1 points Save;You are using bubble sort to sort an array of length 20. How many comparisons should ideally be made on the 3rd pass through the list?;Question 56 answers;10;16;17;19;Question 57 text Question 57 1 points Save;What is the first step in writing an event driven program?;Question 57 answers;Test the program.;Define the connections between the screens the user will see.;Understand the problem.;Define the objects.;Question 58 text Question 58 1 points Save;What are signs of amateur design in a GUI?;Question 58 answers;menus placed on the top of the screen;icons that represent real-world objects;fancy fonts and weird color combinations;allowing the user to customize the background color;Question 59 text Question 59 1 points Save;The acronym ____ is used by computer professionals to mean that if you enter invalid input data into an application, the output results will be worthless.;Question 59 answers;FIFO;GIGO;MIMO;NIMP;Question 60 text Question 60 1 points Save;When a database program includes counts or totals at the end of each sorted group, its creation is a(n) ____ report.;Question 60 answers;query;primary key;grouped;control break;Question 61 text Question 61 1 points Save;A housekeeping routine exhibits ____ cohesion.;Question 61 answers;functional;temporal;procedural;logical;Question 62 text Question 62 1 points Save;What action does a merging program take after it writes a record from file 2?;Question 62 answers;writes the next entry from file 1;writes the next entry from file 2;reads the next entry from file 2;reads the next entry from file 1;Question 63 text Question 63 1 points Save;When you merge records from two or more files, the records (almost) always contain ____.;Question 63 answers;the same data;the same fields in the same order;related information;unrelated information;Question 64 text Question 64 1 points Save;Which of the following is an example of a batch program?;Question 64 answers;Internet browser;airplane reservation system;payroll processing system;word processing program;Question 65 text Question 65 1 points Save;When did command line interfaces begin to be replaced with graphical user interfaces?;Question 65 answers;1950s;1960s;1970s;1980s;Question 66 text Question 66 1 points Save;A(n) ____ relationship indicates that a case is part of more than one use case.;Question 66 answers;extend;scenario;generalization;include;Question 67 text Question 67 1 points Save;When a program contains multilevel menus, the startUp routine usually displays the ____.;Question 67 answers;lower-level menu;second-level menu;submenu;main menu;start;perform startUp();while *****;perform looping();endwhile;perform cleanUp();stop;Question 68 text Question 68 1 points Save;What UML diagram has the closest resemblance to a conventional flowchart?;Question 68 answers;sequence;class;statechart;activity;Question 69 text Question 69 1 points Save;Methods in object-oriented programs have ____ access.;Question 69 answers;private;public;derived;overloaded;Question 70 text Question 70 1 points Save;What is the smallest unit in a data hierarchy?;Question 70 answers;character;field;record;file;Question 71 text Question 71 1 points Save;What is the name for a column that uniquely identifies a record?;Question 71 answers;primary key;unique key;foreign key;table key;Question 72 text Question 72 1 points Save;The mainline logic for a program that merges two files contains a(n) ____ module, a mainLoop() module that repeats until the end of the program, and a finishUp() module.;Question 72 answers;housekeeping();eof();merge();read();Question 73 text Question 73 1 points Save;When writing a program to match master and transaction methods, what should happen when the value of the master key is equal to the transaction key?;Question 73 answers;an error has occurred and should be logged;there are no changes to the master;the master should be updated;the transaction should be updated;Question 74 text Question 74 1 points Save;Which of the following is NOT an integral component of an object-oriented program?;Question 74 answers;Classes;Polymorphism;Flowcharts;Objects;Question 75 text Question 75 1 points Save;Collections of classes that serve a related purpose are stored in ____.;Question 75 answers;modules;libraries;objects;instances;Question 76 text Question 76 1 points Save;What is the foreign key in the two related tables: tblCustomers(customerNumber, customerName) tblOrders(orderNumber, customerNumber, orderQuantity, orderItem, orderDate);Question 76 answers;tblCustomers.customerNumber;tblOrders.orderNumber;tblOrders.orderDate;tblOrders.customerNumber;Question 77 text Question 77 1 points Save;The below code illustrates ____.;Question 77 answers;swapping;selection sort;insertion sort;bubble sort;Question 78 text Question 78 1 points Save;A class that inherits attributes and methods is a(n) ____ class.;Question 78 answers;child;parent;object;overlord;Question 79 text Question 79 1 points Save;Which condition is necessary before merging files?;Question 79 answers;files must be the same length;files must contain the same record layout;files must contain the same data;files must not contain any duplicate data;Question 80 text Question 80 1 points Save;What is another name for a record in a database?;Question 80 answers;character;row;column;table;Question 81 text Question 81 1 points Save;To ____ a master file means to make changes to the values in its fields based on transaction records.;Question 81 answers;delete;merge;update;create;Question 82 text Question 82 1 points Save;A ____ file can be used to update a master file.;Question 82 answers;merge;data;transaction;detail;Question 83 text Question 83 1 points Save;A useful way of planning a module is to document input, output, and ____.;Question 83 answers;arguments;signature;processing;syntax;Question 84 text Question 84 1 points Save;The tables with the following definitions are related with a ____ relationship. tblCustomers(customerNumber, customerName) tblOrders(orderNumber, customerNumber, orderQuantity, orderItem, orderDate);Question 84 answers;one-to-one;one-to-some;one-to-many;many-to-many;Question 85 text Question 85 1 points Save;A module that performs tasks based on a decision statement has ____ cohesion.;Question 85 answers;procedural;temporal;logical;functional;Question 86 text Question 86 1 points Save;Which of the following is an example of an interactive program?;Question 86 answers;payroll processing system;billing system;inventory system;library catalog;Question 87 text Question 87 1 points Save;Each use case has at least one ____.;Question 87 answers;scenario;extend;generalization;stereotype;Question 88 text Question 88 1 points Save;You use a ____ diagram to illustrate aspects of a system that show interesting changes in behavior as time passes.;Question 88 answers;time-based;collaboration;statechart;sequence;Question 89 text Question 89 1 points Save;Assume you set a field value to a specific default. If the user-provided value is incorrect you are said to be ____ the value.;Question 89 answers;settling;forcing;gouging;accepting;Question 90 text Question 90 1 points Save;What type of coupling is used in the below module?;Question 90 answers;normal;data-structure;control;external;Question 91 text Question 91 1 points Save;Which UML diagram shows the system from the perspective of users?;Question 91 answers;use case;statechart;activity diagram;collaboration diagram;Question 92 text Question 92 1 points Save;Records in a ____file are matched with records in a ____ file.;Question 92 answers;data, printer;transaction, master;report, data;transaction, parent;Question 93 text Question 93 1 points Save;Assume you want to swap two variables a, and b. What would the first line of pseudocode in your program look like?;Question 93 answers;a = b;b = a;temp = 1;temp = a;Question 94 text Question 94 1 points Save;When writing a program to match master and transaction methods, what should happen when the value of the transaction key is greater than the master?;Question 94 answers;there is no change to the master;an error has occurred and should be logged;the master should be updated;the transaction should be updated;Question 95 text Question 95 1 points Save;What sort compares pairs of items and swaps them if the first is greater than the second?;Question 95 answers;swap sort;bubble sort;selection sort;insertion sort;Question 96 text Question 96 1 points Save;What type of event is caused by placing the mouse pointer over an area on the screen?;Question 96 answers;mouse press;mouse drag;mouse double-click;mouse point;Question 97 text Question 97 1 points Save;You can circumvent potential problems caused by a user's invalid data entries by ____ the user's input.;Question 97 answers;grouping;denying;validating;modifying;Question 98 text Question 98 1 points Save;How is a program that processes two files different from a program that processes one?;Question 98 answers;the loop uses a flag variable;the loop stops when one file is at eof;the files must be processed one at a time;there is no way to check for eof;Question 99 text Question 99 1 points Save;What company is responsible for the development of UML?;Question 99 answers;IBM;Microsoft;Rational;Bell Labs;Question 100 text Question 100 1 points Save;What is the mean value for the following numbers?;1 2 20 30 40 50 100;Question 100 answers;30;34.71;50;100


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