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ACC 490 Auditing Week 3 Complete Assignments




ACC 490 (Auditing);Week 3;ACC 490 Week 3 DQ 1;Why do auditors have to consider the internal controls of the organization? What are some key elements of internal control? Which are the most important? How will the auditor have to modify the audit program if the internal controls are deemed inadequate to support management assertions?;ACC 490 WEEK 3 DQ 2;How are the analytical procedures used in an audit engagement? What premise underlies the use of analytical procedures in auditing? What sources of information can an auditor use to develop expectations? Please provide examples.;ACC 490 Week 3 DQ 3;What are the two types of audit tests? What are some examples of each of these two types of tests? How will the auditor use the data gathered from these tests?;ACC 490 Week 3 Individual Assignment Chap5, 6 and 7 (Exercise);ACC 490 Week 3 LT Assignment Assessing Materiality & Risk.;ACC 490 Week 3 LT Assignment Chap 6 and 7 (Exercise);ACC 490 Week 3 Summary


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