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SOC 312 Child, Family and Society




WEEK 1;Discussion 1, Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Model;Discussion 2: Agents of Socialization;Journal: Socialization;Quiz (Two Sets);WEEK 2;Assignment, Influence of Peers;Discussion 1: The Theory of Mind;Discussion 2: Self- Regulation;Journal: Gender Issues;Quiz (Two Sets);WEEK 3;Assignment, Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Strategies;Discussion 1: Motivators;Discussion 2: Control;Quiz (Two Sets);WEEK 4;Assignment, Bullying Change;Discussion 1: Cultural and Linguistic Differences;Discussion 2: Bullying;Journal: Private or Public Bully;Quiz (Two Sets);WEEK 5;Assignment, Final Paper;Discussion 1: Technology;Discussion 2: Non-parental Care;Journal: Self-Assessment;Quiz (Two Sets)


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