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Grade on Business Statistics Exam;Frequency;Relative Frequency;A: 90-100;?;0.07;B: 80-89;50;?;C: 65-79;76;?;D: 50-64;32;?;F: Below 50;28;?;Total;200;1;Question 1;Complete the table to the right;Question 2;An industrial group reports that there were approximately 152,000 industrial robots operating in a region over the last year. The graph to the right shows the percentages of industrial robots assigned to each of six task categories. Complete parts a through e. Dispensing/Coating-33%, Assembly-21%, Arc Welding-6%, Spot welding-3%, Material removal-36%, Material Handling -1%.;Question 3;Use the data table to complete parts a through c;Interview 27, Observation and Participation 30, Observation only 17, Grounded Theory 13, Total 87.;Question 4;Certain measurements are summarized in the histogram to the right. What percentage of the measurements are greater than 12?;Question 5;Explain how the relationship between the mean and median provides information about the symmetry or skewness of the data?s distribution.;Question 6;Five banks have been ranked by the amount charged to credit and debit cards issued by the banks.;Bank A 456.31 billions;Bank B 462.23 billions;Bank C 436.54 billions;Bank D 236.43 billions;Bank E 193.15 billions;Question 7;Oil field pipes are internally coated in order to prevent corrosion. Researchers investigated the influence that coating may have on the surface roughness of oil field pipes. A scanning probe instrument was used to measure the surface roughness of each in a sample of 20 sections of coated interior pipe. The data in micrometers are below;1.68, 1.98, 1.93, 2.94, 2.18, 2.36, 2.52, 1.07, 2.76, 2.99, 1.86, 1.32, 2.69, 1.64, 1.25, 2.74, 1.76, 2.86, 2.12, 1.17.;Question 8;The salaries of superstar professional athletes receive much attention in the media. The multimillion dollar long-term contract is now commonplace among this elite group.;Question 9;A magazine published a study on the ammonia levels near the exit ramp of a highway tunnel. Daily ammonia concentrations on eight random days: 1.54, 1.51, 1.38, 1.52, 1.63, 1.44, 1.43, 1.45.;Question 10;The data on age in years and title of 12 of the most powerful women in country A;Rank Age;1 50;2 52;3 41;4 43;5 53;6 57;7 51;8 47;9 52;10 42;11 53;12 37;Data on annual rainfall, maximum daily temperature, percentage of plant cover, and number of ant species recorded at each of 11study sites are given in the table. Complete parts a through c.;Site;Annual rainfall (mm);Max. daily temp. (?C);Total plant cover (%);Number of ant species;1;196;5.7;40;3;2;196;5.7;53;3;3;173;7.0;40;53;4;197;7.7;43;7;5;149;8.5;27;5;6;111;10.7;30;45;7;125;11.4;18;5;8;99;10.4;30;4;9;125;11.4;56;4;10;85;11.4;21;5;11;115;11.4;14;4;Question 12;Determine whether a random variable is discrete or continuous;a. The number of points scored during a basketball game;b. The height of a randomly selected giraffe;c. The time it takes for a light bulb to burn out;d. The exact time it takes to evaluate 27+72;e. The number of light bulbs that burn out in the next week in a room with 14 bulbs.;Question 13;A discrete random variable x can assume 5 possible values 2, 3, 6, 8, and 10. Its probability distribution is shown here. Complete parts a through c.;x;p(x);2;0.15;3;0.11;6;-;8;0.25;10;0.23;Question 14;In a driver-side ?star? scoring system for crash-testing new cars, each crash-tested car is given a rating ranging from one star to five stars, the better is the level of crash protection in a head-on collision. A summary of the driver-side star ratings for 98 cars is reproduced in the table;Rating;Count;Percent;2;7;7.14;3;14;14.29;4;56;57.14;5;21;21.43;N=;98;Question 15;If x is binomial random variable, compute p(x) for each of the cases below.;a. N=4, x=2, p=0.7, a. N=6, x=3, q=0.6, N=5, x=1, p=0.4, N=4, x=0, p=0.4, N=6, x=3, q=0.4, N=5, x=2, p=0.3.;Question 16;According to a consumer survey of young adults (18-24 years of age)who shop online, 18% own a mobile phone with internet access. In a random sample of 400 young adults who shop online, let x be the number who own a mobile phone with internet access.;Question 17;Find a value of a standard normal random variable Z, call it Zo, such that the following probabilities are satisfied (< and;a. P(Z


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