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QNT 351 Week 2 MyStat Lab




1.Choose the correct answer bellow;2. Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative data;3. Explain how populations and variables differ. Choose the correct answer bellow;4. Define statistical thinking. Choose the correct answer bellow;5. Suppose you?re given a data set that classifies each sample unit into one of four categories: A,B,C or D. You plan to create a computer database consisting of these data, and you decide to code the data as A=, B=, C=3, and D=4. Are the data consisting of the classifications A, B, C, and D qualitative or quantitative? After the data are input as 1, 2, 3, or 4, are they qualitative or quantitative?;6. A company tracked all credit card purchases during the year 2005 and measured two variables: (1) the cardholder?s town of residence, and (2) the amount (in dollars) of each monthly payment;a. identify the type (qualitative or quantitative) of each variable measured;b. does the data set collected represent a population or a sample?;7. Identify each of the following variables as qualitative or quantitative;a. college major;b. distance of commute to work;c. number of pets in a family;d. natural hair color;8. Identify each of the following variables as qualitative or quantitative;a. Eye color;b. Number of brothers and sisters;c. Size of home;d. Political party preference;9. A company surveyed a random sample of 10,000 employees in the region. One question the asked was, ? If your employer provides you with mentoring opportunities are you likely to remain in your job for the next five years?? The found that 730 members of the sample said yes.;a. Identify the population of interest in the company;b. Based on the question posed by the company what is the variable of interest?;c. Is the variable quantitative or qualitative?;d. Describe the sample;10. Identify each of the following variables as qualitative or quantitative;Amount one paid on taxes;Storage space on a computer drive;Nationality;Favorite baby name


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