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PROJ 587 Advanced program Management




Week 1;Discussion 1, From Corporate Strategy to Project;Discussion 2, Portfolios, Programs and Projects;Week 2;Course Project Outline;Discussion 1, Portfolios, Programs and Projects;Discussion 2, Portfolio Management Process;Week 3;Discussion 1, PM, PgM, and PPM;Discussion 2, Project Cost;Quiz;Week 4;Course Project Rough Daft 1;Course Project Rough Draft 2;Discussion 1, Change Management;Discussion 2, Conflict Management;Week 5;Case Study 1, SBU Operations;Case Study 2, Nutro Balance;Discussion 1, Highly Effective Teams;Discussion 2, Leading Highly Effective Teams;Week 6;Discussion 1, Ethical Behavior;Discussion 2, Communication Management;Quiz;Week 7;Final Course Project Report, America the Beautiful;Final Course Project Report, Apple Inc;Discussion 1, Optimizing Resources;Discussion 2, Trends in Project Management;Week 8;Final Course Project Presentation, Apple;Final Course Project Presentation, DSLBJ


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