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MKTG 522 Marketing Economics




Week 1;Marketing Plan Topic;Discussion Question 1, Market Research;Discussion Question 2, Strategic Marketing Planning;Week 2;Marketing Plan First Draft;Discussion Question 1, Consumer Buying Behavior;Discussion Question 2, Target Market Selection;Week 3;Checkpoint;Discussion Question 1, Branding;Discussion Question 2, Competitive Strategies;Week 4;Marketing Plan Second Draft;Discussion Question 1, Pricing Strategies;Discussion Question 2, Marketing of Services;Week 5;Checkpoint;Discussion Question 1, Channels of Distribution;Discussion Question 2, Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics;Week 6;Marketing Plan Third Draft;Discussion Question 1, Marketing Communications;Discussion Question 2, Advertising Effectiveness;Week 7;Marketing Plan Final Paper;Marketing Plan Presentation;Discussion Question 1, International Markets;Discussion Question 2, Ethics and Social Responsibility;Week 8;Final Exam


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