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LAS 432 Tech, Society and Culture




Week 1;Research Topic and Outline: Nanotechnology in Manufacturing;DQ 1 Science and Technology;DQ 2 Technological Revolutions;Week 2;Resource Review: Nanotechnology in Manufacturing;DQ 1 Technology and Determinism;DQ 2 Technology and Social Change;Week 3;DQ 1 Technology and Modern Culture;DQ 2 Engineering Our Future;Week 4;DQ 1 Technology and Art;DQ 2 Digital Technologies;Week 5;DQ 1 The Politics of Technology;DQ 2 Technology and Globalization;Week 5;Midterm Exam (03 Different Versions);Week 6;DQ 1 What Is Reality?;DQ 2 Technology, Morality, and Ethics;Week 7;DQ 1 The Energy Crisis;DQ 2 Globalization and the Threat to the Environment;Final Research Paper Draft: Nanotechnology in Manufacturing;Week 8;Team Presentations, Nanotechnology in Manufacturing


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