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HSM 270 Program Planning and Grant Proposal Writing in Human Services




WEEK 1;Assignment, Program Planning and Evaluation;CheckPoint, Program Planning and Grant Proposals;CheckPoint, Program Planning Terminology;WEEK 2;Checkpoint, Grants in Human Services;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 3;Assignment, Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal;Checkpoint, Grant Proposals;WEEK 4;Checkpoint Project-Wide and Objective-Oriented Evaluation;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 5;Assignment, Scenario Evaluation Plan for PEACE;Checkpoint, Process and Outcome Evaluations;WEEK 6;Checkpoint, Revised Evaluation Plan;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 7;Assignment, Stakeholder Influences on Program Paper;Checkpoint, Program Improvement Opportunities;WEEK 8;Checkpoint, Alternative Funding;Discussion Questions 1 and 2;WEEK 9;Peace Domestic Violence Agency;Capstone Checkpoint Mission


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