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HRM 599 Benefits




Week 1;Course Project (Part 1);Discussion Question 1, Benefit Plans;Discussion Question 2, Benefit Planning Process;Week 2;Assignment, Article Review on Government Mandated Benefits;Discussion Question 1, Role of Government;Discussion Question 2, Government Mandated Benefits;Week 3;Article Review on Healthcare Programs;Discussion Question 1, Healthcare Cost Management;Discussion Question 2, Consumer Driven Healthcare;Week 4;Course Project (Part 2, 3, 4, 5);Discussion Question 1, Life Insurance Plans;Discussion Question 2, Disability Plans;Week 5;Assignment, Article Review on Pension Programs;Discussion Question 1, Rules and Regulations;Discussion Question 2, Retirement Plans;Week 6;Discussion Question 1, Paid Time Off;Discussion Question 2, Work Life Benefits;Week 7;Course Project (Part 6, 7, 8);Discussion Question 1, Benefits Communication;Discussion Question 2, Benefit Administration and Cost Controls;Week 8;Final Exam


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