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HRM 590 Human Resource Management




Week 1;Discussion Question 1, HRM Trends;Discussion Question 2, Strategic HRM;Week 2;Discussion Question 1, Employment Laws;Discussion Question 2, HRM Legal Compliance;Week 3;Written Assignment 1, Job Analysis;Discussion Question 1, Job Analysis;Discussion Question 2, Forecasting and Planning;Week 4;Discussion Question 1, Strategic Staffing;Discussion Question 2, Employee Socialization and Retention;Week 5;Written Assignment 2;Discussion Question 1, Performance Management;Discussion Question 2, Evaluating Employee Performance;Week 6;Discussion Question 1, Pay for Performance Salary Decisions;Discussion Question 2, Case Scenario;Week 7;Course Project Final, Compensation Decisions;Course Project Final, Human Resource Development;Discussion Question 1, HRM and Technology;Discussion Question 2, Global HRM;Week 8;Final Exam 1;Final Exam 2


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