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HCA 240 Health and Diseases




WEEK 1;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK 2;Individual Assignment, Cancer Patient Information;Individual Assignment, Infectious Disease;WEEK 3;Individual Assignment, Cardiovascular Disease Information;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK 4;Individual Assignment, Radio Ad;Individual Assignment, Blood Disorders;WEEK 5;Individual Assignment, Lifestyle or Medication;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK 6;Individual Assignment, Kidney Failure Worksheet;Individual Assignment, High School Presentation;WEEK 7;Individual Assignment, Type I and Type II Diabetes Worksheet;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;WEEK 8;Individual Assignment, Nervous System Diseases Worksheet;Individual Assignment, Mental Illness Paper;WEEK 9;Capstone Discussion Questions;Final Project,Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services


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