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EDU 675 Change Leadership for the Differentiated Educational Environment




WEEK 1;Assignment, Professional Development and Research;Discussion 1: Professional Learning Communities;Discussion 2: School Culture and Differentiated Instruction;Journal, Implementing the Professional Learning Community;WEEK 2;Assignment, Critical Thinking Questions;Assignment, Strategies to Build Culture;Discussion 1: Job-Embedded Learning;Discussion 2: Four Corners;Journal, Encouraging Team Building throughout the Year;WEEK 3;Assignment, Using Assessment and Feedback;Discussion 1: Multiple Intelligences;Discussion 2: Assessment Strategies;WEEK 4;Assignment, Critical Thinking Questions;Discussion 1: Adjustable Assignments, Compacting, and Grouping;Discussion 2: Graphic Organizers;Journal, Personal Reflection;WEEK 5;Assignment, Critical Thinking Questions;Discussion 1: Implementing Change;Discussion 2: Managing Change;Journal;WEEK 6;Final Paper, Differentiated Instruction Research Paper;Discussion 1: Supporting Change;Discussion 2: Managing vs. Supporting Change;Journal, Leadership through Professional Learning Communities


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