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Thesis Statement and Outline of Research Paper Submit your proposed thesis statement with an outline of the body of the paper?the review of the literature?that provides the support for your thesis statement. You should generally have three main headings in the body of your paper, which are indicated in your thesis statement. List supporting points for each heading, identifying the source(s) for those points. Example outline : Thesis statement I-Intro a- Research question 1- Background b-Thesis c-Purpose d-Methodology II- Literature review ( which is the history) a- What is .... b-... c-.... III- Discussion a- My thoughts b- Strengths of research c-What else could be ... IV- Conclusion a-Restate research b- Restate thesis c- Was your thesis supported d- Concluding thoughts Or Intro- history (literature review)- current issues - Progress- conclusion ==> and then add sub heading between . I have attached a paper where you have much more details. Hope this helps, Thanks,


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