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BUS 599 Week 1 Assignment Crafting and Executing Strategy Case JetBlue Airways;Conduct an analysis of a company situation Case #3 Jet Blue Airways (p. C-51) and prepare a prepare a 4-5 page report to complete the following;1. Discuss the trends in the U.S. airline industry and how these trends might impact a company?s strategy.;2. Discuss Jet Blue?s strategic intent.;3. Discuss Jet Blue?s financial objectives and whether or not the company has been successful in achieving this objective.;4. Discuss Jet Blue?s strategic elements of cost, organizational culture, and human resource practices and evaluate whether each element provides the organization with a competitive advantage.;5. Discuss Jet Blue?s strategies for 2008 and beyond and evaluate whether or not Jet Blue will be successful implementing these strategies.;BUS 599 Week 2 Assignment Competitive Forces and SWOT Analysis Case Whole Foods Market;Conduct an analysis of a company situation Case #1 Whole Foods Market (p. C-2) and prepare a 4-8 page report to complete the following;1. Discuss the trends in retailing of organic foods and the impact of these trends on Whole Foods Market.;2. Evaluate the competitive environment of the firm: Apply Porter?s model and analyze each factor relative to the company.;3. Discuss which environmental factor poses the most significant threat to Whole Food and what the company can do to combat it.;4. Complete a SWOT analysis and identify significant opportunities and threats facing the organization.;5. Discuss how Whole Foods can use it strengths and opportunities to achieve a sustained competitive advantage in the marketplace.;BUS 599 Week 3 Assignment Foreign Market Entry and Diversification Case Corona Beer;Conduct a case analysis for Case #13 Corona Beer (Modelo).;(C-248) and prepare a 4-5 page report to complete the following;1. Identify and discuss the trends in the global beer markets.;2. Discuss how Modelo?s international expansion was made possible through strategic partnerships with experienced distributors in local markets.;3. Identify and discuss the next foreign market that Modelo should enter and discuss the strategy it should use to enter the market.;4. Discuss the challenges that Modelo faces from its competitor InBev, and how it might respond strategically to the industry giant.;5. Discuss whether or not Modelo should diversity its business. If so, what business should it enter and why?;BUS 599 Week 4 Assignment HRM Issues Diversification Strategies Case Nucor Corporation;Students are required to conduct an analysis of Case #10 Nucor Corporation and prepare a 4-5 page report.;1. Discuss the trends in the steel industry and how it may impact Nucor?s strategy.;2. Discuss the organizational structure and management philosophy at Nucor.;3. Identify three HRM issues related to strategy implementation and recommend actions to address these issues.;4. Based on the situation, recommend whether a related or unrelated diversification should be used by the company. Provide supporting rationale.;5. Based on your recommendation for related or unrelated diversification, identify the organizational structure issues that the company would need to address to implement that diversification.;Week 5 Assignment Corporate Culture Leadership Actions for Strategy Implementation Southwest Airlines;Conduct an analysis of Southwest Airlines (Case 23/c-401) and prepare a 3-4 page report addressing the following;Discuss the corporate culture at Southwest Airlines and how it leverages its culture to achieve a competitive advantage.;Evaluate the company?s financial performance by calculating and interpreting the profitability ratios. (operating profit margin, net profit margin, return on total assets, return on stockholders equity);Describe the characteristics of company?s culture and how you think it affects company performance.;Given the strategic decisions in the case, recommend actions that management should take to sustain/strengthen the culture (or implement a change), based on the situation given.;Given the strategic decisions in the case, identify three leadership actions that the company would need to be consider to implement the decisions. Explain why these are critical to implementing the strategic decision.


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