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BIO 100 Introduction To Life Science With Lab




Week 1;Assignment, Biology Lab;Assignment, The Scientific Method;CheckPoint, Living Organisms;CheckPoint, Theories of Biology;Week 2;Assignment, Pearson Lab Scavenger Hunt (Appendix E);CheckPoint, Plants vs. Animals;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;Week 3;Assignment, Leaf Lab;Assignment, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration;CheckPoint, Mitosis and Meiosis;Exercise, UNESCO Research;Week 4;Assignment, Fly Lab;CheckPoint, Mendel on Patterns of Inheritance;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;Week 5;Assignment, Cardio Lab;Assignment, Human System Presentation;CheckPoint, Basic Processes;Week 6;Assignment, Evolution Lab;CheckPoint, Patterns of Evolution;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;Week 7;Assignment, PopEco Lab;Assignment, Scientific Taxonomy and Earth Biodiversity Paper;CheckPoint, Origin of Life;CheckPoint, UNESCO Research Outline;Week 8;Assignment, Demography Lab;CheckPoint, Ecology and Population Growth;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;Week 9;Capstone, CheckPoint;Final Project, UNESCO Paper


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