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ACCT 212 Financial Accounting




Week 1;Discussion Question 1, Financial Statements;Discussion Question 2, Prepaid Expenses Vs. Cash Accounting;Week 2;Discussion Question 1, Prepaid Expenses vs. Unearned Revenue;Discussion Question 2, Accrual vs. Cash Accounting;Week 3;Discussion Question 1, Ethical Business Decisions;Discussion Question 2, Trade Credit - Accounts Payable;Course Project 1 Part A: Rawls Repair Corporation;Week 4;Discussion Question 1, Inventory Management;Discussion Question 2, LIFO;Midterm Exam (Questions and Answers);Week 5;Discussion Question 1, Non-current Assets and Related Liabilities;Discussion Question 2, Raising Capital (Cash);Course Project 1 Part B: Rawls Repair Corporation;Week 6;Discussion Question 1, Stockholders? Equity;Discussion Question 2, Net Income vs. Net Operating Cash;Week 7;Discussion Question 1, Financial Statement Analysis;Course Project 2 McDonough Products;Week 8;Final Exam (Questions and Answers)


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