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FIFA 15?s defending is a case of keeping your team




fifa 15 coins game engine is so different to last year that it lends the impression not just of development teams working completely independently of each other, but also of a series sorely lacking this sense clear sense of direction or identity. What should a football game be like? "Different to last year" seems to be the only answer at the moment.;Gameplay has also been improved. Offensive play is more fluid than it was last year, as dribbling has been improved with realistic player agility and balance. The First Touch Control system has been removed and ball physics are now more realistic, so no longer shall the ball go flying off in cartoonish fashion when coming into contact with a player.;Goalkeepers have also been given special treatment, with improved reactions, a greater number of save animations and better AI. It's easier to win the ball on defense with a standing tackle and keep your momentum going forward with the ball. You can now slide tackle and still retain possession vs. the ball usually going back to the other team. The A.I. carries the ball more than in buy fut 15 coins, and will fool around with it less in general. It also takes more shots from outside and around the box.


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