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National Biological Intrusion Prevention Assembly held urgent biological invasion




With global climate change, invasive alien species of harm was showing more complex situation. How to strengthen the prevention and control of biological invasion, became recently held in Nanning, Guangxi Fourth National Congress of biological invasion attention.;Biological invasion pervasive. I once sat on the plane from Nanning to Beijing, it found a Drosophila......." At the opening ceremony, Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences Dean White advanced in his speech talked about feelings, lead participants resonance.;Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, party secretary Zhang then step through speaking, with the increase of reform and opening up, international exchanges, tourism and trade activities in the growing bio-invasion, China has become the country's invasion of alien species in the world suffer from the most serious hazards one.;Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences researcher Fang-hao research team showed that all types of pest 2011 port intercepted 50 million times, Mouse Platelet Factor 4 ELISA Kit The past 10 years, China has successively discovered occidentalis, Q biotype more than 20 species of the world and the risk of outbreaks of biological invasion.;And before the 1990s of every 8 to 10 years before they found a new species invasion, a year after the 1990s the newly discovered invasive species have 1 to 2 kinds. At present, our species invasion reached 544 kinds, the World Conservation Union listed 100 kinds of the most threatening invasive species, the country accounted for more than 50 kinds. Biological invasion led to an annual economic loss of about 2,000 billion, of which whitefly, leaf miner, and other 13 kinds of pine wood nematode major forestry bio-invasion annual economic losses as a direct result amounted to 57.4 billion yuan.;Fang-hao research team found that the biological invasion has seriously affected China's agricultural products to enter the international market, to export trade has brought huge economic losses. For example, once the United States occurred in China dorsalis as a reason to prohibit the export of pears, Japan once the epidemic by rice, straw and straw prohibit northern China products exported to Japan, recently, the Philippines happen again codling moth grounds, prohibition of Philippine fruit exports.;Even more serious is the invasion of competitive local biological pest exclusion, resulting in the structure of a particular ecosystem, seriously interfere with the function and ecological destruction.;South China Agricultural University, Professor Lu Yongyue accept the "China Science News" reporter, said that biological invasions destroyed the ecological landscape, clogging rivers, canals, polluting the water quality, resulting in ecosystem structure, the recession of ecological public welfare services such as long-lasting and irreversible serious consequences. For example, the pine wood nematode has been close to Huangshan, West Lake, once the pine wilt disease outbreak in the Huangshan Scenic Area, Huangshan natural disasters will cause huge landscapes, people may never watch less "Welcome Song.;Given the steady spread of invasive alien species and the spread of snails in our part of the southern provinces, in May this year, the Ministry of Agriculture in Hubei specifically on the theme of "eliminated, alien invasive species, to protect the ecological home" apple snails live elimination is active. Biological invasion of our agricultural production and ecological safety hazards, is evident.;Prevention and control of invasive species strategy;Strengthening the prevention and control of invasive species research and applications, ensuring food, ecological security, is to reform and opening escort, is the current urgent national needs." This view is an important consensus reached by the forum.;Lu Yongyue that "alien species invasion is inevitable growing species, 100 kinds of the most threatening invasive species will eventually entering the country. At present we can only prevention of biological invasion and can not be eradicated, only to delay the invasion of time, reduce the scope, reduce the damage. "Some experts also quite hold the same view.;The key is to develop and apply for invasive species efficient early warning, detection, monitoring and control technology. To do prevention must first understand the invasion of alien species, the process of disaster." Fang-hao in the "Science in China" reporter interview that the invasion of exotic pests disaster, generally through the "incoming, colonization adapt, spread to the outbreak of the disaster," the orderly processes. Its corresponding prevention and control technology system can be divided into prevention and early warning, detection monitoring, eradication extinguished, limit control and ecological restoration. In the management methods of biological control, genetic control, ecological restoration, sustainable management.;He suggested that the incidence of invasive species for the invasion phase, the focus of prevention and control strategies to build three;The first is the potential for new incoming invasive species, through our existing seven agricultural invasion bioinformatics database platform, good early warning prevention and control. Potential areas using species distribution prediction method for invasive species risk assessment, identify their potential distribution and suitable Suitable degree students, as well as its incoming and possible diffusion paths, its rapid detection technology developed and applied to the port quarantine, will potentially invasive species barrier outside "the country.;Secondly, the local distribution of the newly discovered hazards and hazards invasive species, the development and application testing, monitoring technology system and prevent their proliferation, protect non-infected areas. New found it difficult area to eradicate invasive species face much harm, should be in the "epidemic" an integrated system of prevention and control techniques to reduce insect proliferation, on the emerging "epidemic point", the use of technology system to eradicate Fight "Stars fire ", on the diffusion front, using blocking technology system, to prevent spreading, and to protect the" non-affected areas.


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