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(TCO F) David deposits all receipts and makes all payments by check. The following information is available from the cash records.;MARCH 31;BANK RECONCILIATION;Balance per bank;$26,746;Add: Deposits in transit;2,100;Deduct: Outstanding checks;(3,800);Balance per books;$25,046;Month of April Results;Per Bank;Per Book;Balance April 30;$27,995;$24,355;April deposits;8,864;14,889;April checks;12,200;16,080;April note collected;3,000;-0-;(not included in April deposits);April bank service charge;35;-0-;April NSF check of a customer;900;-0-;returned by the bank;(recorded by bank as a charge);Instructions;Calculate the amount of the April 30;(1) deposits in transit, and;(2) outstanding checks.;Show all your work for potential partial credit. (Points: 25)


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