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Attached is all the data: Prepare an income statem...




Attached is all the data: Prepare an income statement and a statement of retained earnings for the year ending December 31, 2010, and an unclassified balance sheet at December 31 for Flynn Design Agency. in addition, these two questions. If the note has been outstanding 6 months, what is the annual interest rate on that note? If the company paid $17,500 in salaries in 2010, what was the balance in Salaries Payable on December 31, 2009?,I have also attached to this message a word doc with my accounting problem with out the drop down windows that i had attached before. this is a question out of Intermediate Accounting 13th edition by Kieso Weygandt Warfield. thanks for the help, my 10month old has been sick all day and i have not been able to spend time on this.,If i asked for this to be completed by 9am est and it is 10:50 est time and 9:50 cst does this mean it will not be done at all. I am just wondering if someone is still working on this? could someone let me know, thank for your time and help.,Please dont misunderstand me, I thank you for the help but my deadline was for 9am today. I just want to be sure this will done within the next hour or so. thanks again for the help.,Is it possible to pay extra to have this done in the next hour and a half. thanks for your time


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