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Company/Topic: Google Position Paper (Term Paper) Instructions (Due Week 7):Each student will select an organization as the subject for the Position Paper. The organization can be one that the student works for or has worked for but employment in the organization is not a requirement. MILITARY UNITS OR DIVISIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE TOPICS. The student will take a clear position as to whether the organization is successful or not based on an analysis of the following course subject areas: Competitive Advantage Change Management Diversity Management Recruitment and Selection Compensation and Benefits Organizational Climate The successful Position Paper will be a Senior Seminar paper that draws on many past classes and the entire body of course topics. The final paper will consist of the following (minimum requirements): Overview of the Organization Analysis of course subject areas Clear position on organizational effectiveness (for or against) with supportive analysis APA Formatting The time frame of the study must include current information The paper format will be: A 8 ? 12 page paper (not including the reference and title page) Double Spaced Formatted in APA style (All course assignments will be in APA style) Source support from at least six sources Papers will not include an abstract The Position Paper is worth 350 points. The grading criteria for the paper will be based on the Position Paper grading rubric:


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