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Here is the request.. This is for the Proj 595 course. Final project;The negotiated price is $30.;Create a risk management plan for your project. To do this, you must create a scope statement and a WBS for your project.;Create a risk management plan for your project. To do this, you must create a scope statement and a WBS for your project.;Perform risk management planning as defined in the lecture.;Identify risks for your project, including any issues that may impede or impair the completion of the project. You must identify at least 15 positive and 15 negative risks.;Prioritize the risks by performing qualitative risk analysis.;Perform risk response planning for your project by creating detailed risk response plans for those risks needing responses. This should include both proactive responses and reactive contingency plans as appropriate. Sample Outline of Typical Course Project Paper Part I;Title Page;Table of Contents;Introduction;Risk Management Planning;Risk Identification;Qualitative Risk Analysis;Risk Response Planning Create one decision tree and a fault or event tree that would support the exploration of risk for one of the above projects. The decision tree must be created to support a major risk-related decision likely to be faced by the project. The fault or event tree should offer at a minimum a listing of potential risks and impacts in the event of two smaller failures. For example, a smaller failure could be the loss of water pressure or a fire in a construction project rather than examining what risk was involved with the collapse of the construction project. Write a discussion of the risks that supports the fault tree, event tree, or decision tree that has been created. Make a separate write up for each of these smaller risks associated with the fault tree or event tree. Your paper should have a general introduction that should introduce the decision tree and fault or event trees that will be discussed, and then the paper should have a discussion regarding each tree. The discussion write-up regarding the identified risks should be from three to five pages in length. Note that this page length is a guideline and if you find that your paper supporting the risk tree is longer, there will be no penalty, because the final assignment will need to be from 15?20 pages in length. Sample Outline of Typical Course Project Paper Part II;Course Project Part I;Introduction;Decision Tree Analysis;Discussion of Decision Tree;Fault Tree;Discussion of Fault Tree;Conclusions;Works cited;Jbarn


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