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The facts for your Tax Research Assignment III ar...




The facts for your Tax Research Assignment III are as follows: Joe Bon Joni is a self-employed rock star who is and hires you as his new CPA. He explains that in 2013 he spent $10,000 on special ?flashy? clothes and outfits for his rock concerts. Joe would like to deduct the cost of these clothes as work-related because the clothes are not acceptable to his sense of fashion. He would like to know under what circumstances he can deduct the cost of these work clothes. Please research the relevant tax law and write Joe a brief memo of no more than two pages, in which you communicate the results of your research. Use the format for communicating research findings discussed on pages 20-22 of chapter 2 of your textbook for your memorandum. Identify relevant statutory, regulatory, and judicial authorities and discuss how these authorities affect your conclusion concerning the deductibility of Joe?s clothing expenses. He likes to do his own reading of the tax law, so he would like you to provide him with the relevant citations in your memo. If you do a really good job, he may send his rock star buddies your way to do their taxes ? that could help you earn a really good living! Your research assignment will be graded using the following criteria: 1. Recognition of the important facts and issues 2. Correct conclusion 3. Clarity of writing 4. Proper use of relevant sources to support your conclusion and analysis. 5. Proper citation of relevant sources 6. Proper format, spelling & grammar


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