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For the most recent accounting year, a company rep...




For the most recent accounting year, a company reported the following operating and cash activities: Investments in other companies (8,628) Increase in inventories (2,685) Depreciation and amortization 35,254 Long-term debt repayment (165,243) Net income 28,961 Proceeds from issuance of common stock 13,485 Proceeds from sale of property and equipment 3,590 Payment of dividends (6,255) Proceeds from long-term debt issuance 61,785 Purchases of property and equipment (25,400) Decrease in accounts receivable 5,291 Decrease in accounts payable (8,466) Requirements: 1. Prepare the operating, investing and financing sections of the cash flow statement. 2. Explain the major sources and uses of cash for the year.


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