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Business Law II Week1




Business Law II;The Statute of Frauds;Johnny needs to buy a lawn mower. His lawn is relatively modest, so he began looking for an affordable model. His friend, Mark, also needed a lawn mower. His yard was much larger, so he went to Johnny and said ?Johnny, we both need a lawn mower.;Why don?t we go shopping and get the lawn mower together.? Johnny and Mark found a suitable lawn mower for $10,000. Johnny actually talked to the salesmen. And the salesmen agreed to extend Johnny a loan to purchase the lawn mower if Mark would orally contract to stand as a surety for Johnny if the payments were not made on time.;For two months, Mark uses the lawn mower more than anyone. But then Johnny fails to make payments and the salesman sues Mark under the oral contract. What will be the likely disposition of the case?;Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length (double-spaced, with one inch margins all around). Be certain to explain and support your answer. Must be in your OWN WORDS..... NO Plagiarism;1 PAGE is enough. But must include all materials.


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