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Accounting Conceptual Questions




Hello all-;Easy assignment. Please chose 1 of the 5 attached eassys and answer 7 conceptual questions. You can chose any of the following cases- just read it and answer the following questions. The professor is looking for consice answers that are to the point and thought provoking. The assignment guidlines are also attached.;Questions to answer;1. What is the problem that the project is trying to answer?;2. Why do the authors suggest the problemis important?;3. How do the authors approach addressing the problem?;4. What are the results?;5. How does the project relate to what you have learned in this class (or any other of your classes)?;6. Whataresome implications that you learned in reading the paperthat might affect your career? In other words, what did you l earn that you could use in the future?;7. Any questions you have afterreading thepaper and/or anything you found particularly interesting?;Thank you !!


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