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Ratio Analysis for Management Accounting




Course: Management Accounting;Prepare a ratio analysis (3 years as well as 1 year of competitor?s results) and a narrative related to the findings. (Handout of required ratios to be provided).;REQUIRED RATIOS: Working Capital, Current Ratio, Accounts Receivable Turnover, Average Collection Period, Inventory Turnover, Total Asset Turnover, Times Interest Earned, Debt to Equity Ratio, Gross Margin Percentage, and Return on Equity;I have attached the consolidated financial statements for the main company(General Motors) and one of its competitors(Ford). The ratio analysis should be completed for 2011, 2012, and 2013 for GM. The ratio analysis should be completed for 2013 for Ford. There should be a narrative for the findings for GM individually and a narrative for the ratio comparison of the 2013 statements GM vs. Ford.;I have also attached a pdf with the ratios that are required. They are starred on the sheet, as well as listed above.


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