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20 ratios Coca Cola Company 2013




I need the following 20 ratios calculated using the information provided on the Coca Cola Company?s 2013 financial summary. If any financial information is missing it can be found on the company?s website.;Ratio __________________________________ Working Capital current assets - current liabilities Current Ratio Total current assets / Total current liabilities Cash Ratio Cash + Cash equivalents / Total Current Liabilities Acid -Test Ratio Cash + Short-term investments + Net current receivables / Total current liabilities Inventory turnover Costs of goods sold / Average merchandise inventory Days? sales in inventory 365 days / inventory turnover Gross profit percentage Gross profit / Net sales revenue Accounts receivable turnover ratio Net credit sales / Average net accounts receivable Days? sales in receivables 365 days / Accounts receivable turnover ratio Debt ratio Total liabilities / Total assets Debt to equity ratio Total liabilities / Total equity Times-interest-earned ratio Net income + income tax expense + interest expense / interest expense Profit margin ratio Net income / Net sales Rate of return on total assets Net income + interest expense / Average total assets Asset turnover ratio Net sales / Average total assets Rate of return on common Net income ? Preferred dividends / Average common stockholders? equity Stockholders? equity Earnings per share Net income ? Preferred dividends / weighted average number of common shares outstanding Price / earnings ratio Market price per share of common stock / Earnings per share Dividend yield Annual dividend per share / Market price per share Dividend payout Annual dividends per share / Earnings per share


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