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At this time England defender John Terry struggling




The goal line referee's a miscarriage of justice, depriving Ukraine this morning a FIFA 15-tying goal. Ukraine final 1-0 a defeat FIFA Ultimate Team out. After the FIFA 15, the media dubbed the door line referee was also in 'think about life.' Ukrainian chance to get back in the first 62 minutes, although the Ukrainian player in an offside when instigated this quick counterattack, but more lead people are concerned or subsequent false doors line the Ukraine players Devic's single-handedly shot was England goalkeeper Hart flutter a bit, the ball flying England door. At this time England defender John Terry struggling to return to the chase, near the gate line hook the ball out of Ukraine players have already raised their hands the ball into the door, but Hungarian referee Wade gate line staring at the goal line, nothing happens. Television footage fifa15coinsbuy shows the whole ball has clearly crossed the goal line, just in Wade ignore a great location. Wade was born in a family of soccer referee, grandfather, father are football referee, he became an international referee in 2007, law enforcement had the Champions League, but this morning effective for this goal, there is no reaction, it is incomprehensible. Even all the live match British media for the Ukrainian FIFA Ultimate Team to complain. Blokhin shelling referee after the FIFA 15, 'I'm really speechless, the court has five referees, the ball crossed the line half a meter, we have to referee what? 'Ukraine striker Andriy Shevchenko said:' This miscarriage of justice, the impact of the competition process. 'Coincidentally, at the 2010 FIFA 15 in South Africa, England, is a victim of injustice of the goal line. Now, be compensated England in the FIFA 15 in England in South Africa' wronged ', the gate line penalty become a hot debate pressure Under oppose the introduction of goal-line technology, UEFA president.


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