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Doing Autoethnography;Tessa Muncey;Reader Response 5: You must first begin by understanding threads. What do you understand about threads? And why would the author use the idea of threads as a significant idea in this story? As you think about threads, consider the importance of individual story to link to the idea of autoethnography. Here you will need to find a way to understand autowethnography, and consider the reasons the author has chosen autoethnography.;The individual story does not exist on the level of a life narrative, but it also exists as four pieces. What is snapshot, what is artefact, what is metaphor, and what is journeys? What are they separate from each other, and what are they connected to each other. Please think about the individual story within each of these four pieces. How do you make sense of these different pieces?;There is also an emotional aspect involving vulnerability and loss. How do you understand this?;Finally, autoethnography is also about power, and the power within society. How do you understand this?;IN this reading, you are advised to do more than one reading. As you reread, what were the significant parts that you noticed first, and then with further reading, how did these parts change or stay the same?;This reading also challenges your way of reading, and your ways of analyzing and seeing the ideas in a reading text. The deep nature of this reading also challnges your strategies of reading, and your ability to find new meaning with each reading. This last part is also an important part of this reader response, and I would like you to make me understand the ways you approached this.


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