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This is for my operations and supply chain managem...




This is for my operations and supply chain management course. I attached the PDF file with the information needed, only need to pay attention to slides 29 and 30. The questions I need to answer are: 1.Draw a project network that includes all the activities. 2.Calculate the start and finish times for each activity and determine the minimum number of weeks for completing the project. Find the critical set of activities for the project. 3.Identify slack in the activities not on the project critical path. 4.Your boss would like you to suggest changes that could be made to the project that would significantly shorten it. What would you suggest?,Thank you!,Also, I know it is similar to the diagram I had to answer on my other homework in which I attached a picture of. But what confuses me is, do I combine the P2, S1, D1 all in the same diagram or seperate diagrams?,This is not a new requirement, just a question about the homework questions I originally submitted to you.,Thank you so much, this really has helped me better understand how these start and finish times operate.


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