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Managerial Accounting Devry University Week 4 Homework




Refer to the Speedy Lube data in S6-8. Use the high-low method to determine the variable;and fi xed cost components of Speedy Lube?s operating costs. Use this information to project the monthly operating costs for a month in which the company performs 3,600 oil changes.;S6-17 Prepare income statements using variable costing and absorption;costing with no change in inventory levels (Learning Objective 6);O?Malley?s Products manufactures a single product. Cost, sales, and production;information for the company and its single product is as follows;? Selling price per unit is $60;? Variable manufacturing costs per unit manufactured (includes DM, DL & variable MOH) $32;? Variable operating expenses per unit sold $1;? Fixed manufacturing overhead (MOH) in total for the year $120,000;? Fixed operating expenses in total for the year $90,000;? Units manufactured and sold for the year 10,000 units;Requirements;1. Prepare an income statement for the upcoming year using variable costing.;2. Prepare an income statement for the upcoming year using absorption costing.


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