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Mod 8 Payroll Accounting Quiz




1. Carmen Gaetano worked 46 hours during this payweek.;He is paid time-and-a-half for hours over 40 and his pay rate is $17.90/hour. What was his overtime premium pay for this workweek?;A);$107.40;B);$161.10;C);$50.70;D);$53.70;E);$26.85;2.;The employee's earnings record provides information for each of the following except;A);completing Forms W-2.;B);completing the journal entry to record the payroll.;C);determining when the accumulated wages of an employee reach cutoff levels.;D);preparing reports required by state unemployment compensation laws.;E);preparing the payroll register.;3.;Which of these accounts shows the total gross earnings that the employer incurs as an expense each payday?;A);Payroll Taxes;B);Federal Income Taxes Payable;C);Wages Expense;D);Salaries Payable;E);None of these;4.;Which of the following accounts is an expense account in which an employer records the FICA, FUTA, and SUTA taxes?;A);Wages Expense;B);Payroll Taxes;C);SUTA Taxes Payable;D);Salaries Payable;E);None of these;5.;Which of the following is not an expense of the employer?;A);FUTA tax;B);FICA tax-HI;C);FICA tax-OASDI;D);SUTA tax;E);Union dues withheld;6.;The entry to deposit FICA taxes and federal income taxes withheld involves all of the following accounts except;A);Payroll Taxes.;B);FICA Taxes Payable-OASD;C);FICA Taxes Payable-H;D);Employees FIT Payable.;E);Cash.;7.;When recording the deposit of FUTA taxes owed, the proper entry is;A);FUTA Tax Expense Cash;B);Payroll Taxes Cash;C);Payroll Taxes FUTA Taxes Payable;D);FUTA Taxes Payable Cash;E);FUTA Tax Expense FUTA Taxes Payable;8.;The entry made at the end of the accounting period to record wages incurred but unpaid is;A);Wages Expense Wages Payable;B);Wages Expense FICA Taxes Payable-OASDI FICA Taxes Payable-HI FIT Payable Wages Payable;C);Wages Payable Cash;D);Wages Expense Cash;E);Wages Expense Payroll Taxes Wages Payroll;9.;Which of the following items would require an adjusting entry at the end of each accounting period?;A);Garnishment for child support payments;B);Withholdings for a 401(k) plan;C);Vacation pay earned by employees;D);Union dues withheld;E);None of these;10.;In recording the monthly adjusting entry for accrued wages at the end of the accounting period, the amount of the adjustment would usually be determined by;A);collecting the timesheets for the days accrued.;B);using the same amount as the prior month's adjustment.;C);using the wages of the salaried workers only.;D);a percentage of the previous week's gross payroll.;E);a percentage of the previous week's net payroll.


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