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Calculating Mortality and Autopsy Statistics




Objectives;Upon completion of this activity, the student should be able to;Retrieve requested patient data from a hospital database.;Calculate mortality/autopsy rates for a specific time period.;Definitions for the Assignment;Medical Patient is a patient who has no procedure code listed in the Principal Procedure column OR has a minor diagnostic or therapeutic procedure (codes 87.0-99.99) listed in the Principle Procedure Column;Surgical Patient is a patient with a Surgical Procedure code listed in the Principal Procedure column (excluding principal procedures which are minor diagnostic procedures - codes 87.0 to 99.99);Instructions;Download and review the Community Hospital Death Register from July 1, 20XX through December 31, 20XX.;Download and save the Mortality and Autopsy Statistics Worksheet.;Answer the questions in worksheet. Be sure to show your computations.


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