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This next phase of the project is meant to build o...




This next phase of the project is meant to build off the previous phases and chapters: Phase III: More Lessons LearnedPhase III Work Breakdown: 1. Analyze and critique the NMCI project in terms of its: o risk identification and management,o its scheduling, or its budgeting, ando its manner of project execution and closure. You are to refer back to your knowledge from previous units to complete this portion. 2. Explain the challenges EDS faced in each of these areas, how and why they went astray, and how EDS might have managed these areas to prevent the problems or at least lessen their impact. 3. Determine whether this project could be judged a success or failure from a stakeholder's perspective by reviewing the article ?The NMCI Experience and Lessons Learned? by Kenneth Jordan. The link to the article may be found here: s%20Learned.pdfMBA 6951 Phase III Deliverable For this assignment, you are to submit a four-page report that presents an analysis, critique, and recommendations/remedies regarding the project management areas of risk management, risk response, scheduling, budgeting and project execution, and closure as they apply to NMCI's performance. The report should also include your post-project evaluation of whether this project is/was a success from the stakeholders' perspectives. Finally, describe the elements of this project that could have led to its early termination.


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