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Hello, I need help in this assigment.;Assignment (Character Traits Paper);Complete the Character Traits Paper.;? Choose one character trait among the following;a Professional judgment;b Values;c Competence;d Objectivity;e Integrity;f Confidentiality;g Independence;h Discipline;? Define in your own words the character trait that you selected and what it means to you in terms of appropriate business and professional conduct.;? Research your state's professional code of conduct for the definition and expectations of your selected character trait.;? Research the AICPA professional code of conduct to determine their definitions and expectations of the trait that you selected.;? Search the Internet, Business Journal, or other periodicals for current news about corporate ethics. Select a current (later than 2008) news article related to business ethics that illustrates your character trait and its application (or non-application).;Write a one to two page summary of your research findings


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