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ACCT325-1404B-01 Auditing




900 words;Corporate governance is the process that owners and other major players surrounding an organization are held accountable to for the company's requirements and resources. Corporate governance can also play a big role in the audit process. Research corporate governance and auditing and answer the following questions;What are 2 of the principles that surround corporate governance? How do they tie into the recent legislation that was put into place to resolve ethical challenges and changes within the last decade?;The Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) are based upon 10 audit guidelines that fall into 3 categories. Briefly describe the 3 main parts of the audit, and give examples of what activities would occur in each category.;Describe the role of the audit committee. Include the outside directors in your discussion. Compare and contrast the oversight responsibility and the primary responsibility of the audit committee.;Explain how the Sarbanes-Oxley Act impacted the auditing profession.;Describe the key role of the PCAOB.;Do you feel that it has met its objective?;What?if any?changes would you want to add to the scope of the PCAOB?


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