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Accounts receivable $40,000;cash 75,000;due from agency fund 25,000;encumbrances 60,000;estimated revenues 975,000;expenditures 750,000;taxes receivable 250,000;credits;allowance for doubful accounts 5,000;allowance for uncollectible taxes 50,000;appropriations 785,000;due to trust fund 40,000;fund balance -unassingned 30,000;reserve for encumbrances 60,000;revenues 990,000;taxes received in advance 15,000;vouchers payable 200,000;suplies on hand at june 30,2011 totaled $8,000. The $60,000 encumbrance relates to equipment;ordered but no received by fiscal year-end.;required;prepare a balance sheet for the general fund of the city of nineva at june 30,2011


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