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Assume that your company's sales staff provides information on expected sales and selling prices for items making up the sales budget. You have concerns regarding the sales staff's input in the sales budget when its compensation is at least partly tied to these budgets. You feel it is important to assess any potential bias in information provided in the budget process.;Required;Who are the stakeholders in this situation?;What are the potential ethical issues and concerns?;What suggestions can you make to reduce these concerns.;A nswer Submitted by hifsa shaukat on Sun, 2014-11-16 09:26 teacher rated 252 times 4.781745 purchased one time price: $10.00;solution;body preview (1 words);xxxx;file1.r_college_budget.xlsx preview (153 words);xxxxxxx Budget;x xxxxxxx Budget xxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx Budget 2nd xxxxxxxx;x Monthly Income Student xxxx x Monthly Income;xxxx x Amount x xxxx xxxxxx;Estimated xxxxxxx xxx income x xxxxxxxxx Guardian x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx;xxxxxxxxx aid xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Financial aid xxxxxxxx $1,100.00;x xxxxx income x $200.00 x School/College Other income xxxxxxx;x Total $2,300.00 Total $2,650.00;x xxxxxxx Expenses xxxxxxxx Expenses xxxxxxx Expenses x Semester xxxxxxxx;x xxxx xxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxx x Item xxxxxx x xxxx xxxxxx;x xxxxxx Rent x $50.00 x Tuition $1,320.00 Hostel Rent $50.00 xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx;Utilities $15.00 Lab xxxx x xxxxxxx Utilities $15.00 xxx xxxx $350.00;x Cell phone x xxxxx Other xxxx x xxxxxxx x xxxx phone $6.00 Other fees x $170.00;xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx x Books xxxxxxx x Groceries xxxxxxx x Books x $560.00;x xxxx x $200.00 xxxxxxxx $456.00 x Food x $320.00 x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx;Student xxxxx $12.00 x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx loans $12.00 x xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx;xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxxxx x $170.00 xxxxx $4,280.00;x xxxx x xxxxxxx x xxxx xxxxxxx;x supplies $300.00 Discretionary xxxxxx x xxxxxxxx $543.00 x xxxxxxxxxxxxx Income;x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx $178.00 xxxx x Amount x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx $200.00 xxxx Amount;x Hair xxxx $18.00 x xxxxxxx Income xxx 6months x xxxxxxxxxx Hair xxxx x xxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx x months xxxxxxxxxx;x xxxxxxx expenses xxxxxxx x xxxxxxx expenses for 6 months $12,516.00 x xxxxxxx expenses xxxxxxx xxxxxxx expenses xxx x months x $16,206.00;x xxxxxxxxxxxxx $400.00 Semester xxxxxxxx x $3,764.00 x Entertainment xxxxxxx Semester expenses $4,280.00;Miscellaneous $125.00 x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx x $320.00 x xxxxxxxxxx x -$4,586.00;x Total xxxxxxxxx x Total x xxxxxxxxx;Buy this answer;Try it before you buy it;Check plagiarism for $2.00


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