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Division Assessment Journal;Abstract;Any assessment office has the responsibility for creating and maintaining values for all properties in the institution in the basis and regulation of the student body in all Organizations. It is not uncommon for funding to drop in the Division of Assessments. Assessment procedures have proved as an important tool for coming into terms with challenging situations in an institution and other settings.;Introduction;In any organization or institution, it is paramount to set up a body of division Assessment. This is to enable professional development opportunity which is designed to equip all participants with skills and knowledge and especially on how to handle the situation especially if funding is dropped. When a situation such as this happens, students need to be prepared in advance in order to minimize major setbacks in their progress. In order to fully to carry out their responsibilities, assessors must be well grounded in the principles that underscore;Conducting Assessment;Collecting of data is one of the ways in conducting assessment. In order to develop a real culture of evidence, data collected should at all times shared with the community especially data that involves funds. Assessment briefs are designed in such a way that they provide those reading with concise and timely but most of all accurate assessment data depending on the student?s community and experiences. In order to do that successfully a student affair assessment team should b created to look at the options of more funding. The department should develop a very mission-driven department in order to b able to come up with raising funding and creating solutions for the future.;In such a situation when funding is dropped, spending on assessment and review can be reduced by using older versions of assessment tests. I found out that an audit commission from the already existing should be set up to evaluate previous spending. A public body can be developed to manage financial challenges instead of hiring an outside body. Therefore, I would advice any institution that suffers funding drop to in cooperate this steps in order to save up and manage whatever funding is left.


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