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Fall 2014 ? Paper Requirements;? Choose a Public Company;? Provide the following ratios, both for the current period as well as for the prior period;? Do a comparison between the current and prior periods to establish whether there has been any improvement.;? Give me your conclusions (detailed with explanations);Ratios ? refer to page 704 & 5 in your text book for further explanation (I will upload photos of the pages);? Working Capital;? Current ratio;? Inventory turnover;? Days in Inventory;? Accounts Receivable turnover;? Average Collection period;? Earnings per share;? Price Earnings;? Profit Margin;Notes;? Financial information on public companies can be found on their Form 10K, usually there would be a link on their website, sometimes under investor relations or investor information;? Not all companies provide all information so some ratios may not be able to be calculated;? Some ratios may already be calculated for you on or on some other websites


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