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? Paper must be 2 complete pages single-spaced;? Font ? 12-point (Times New Roman ? Microsoft Word), APA Format for References ? identify your references (if you don?t it is plagiarism);? It should be based on a Managerial Accounting Concept that has been (or will be discussed in the course ? any topic from your text) from a credible business source (e.g.,, Businessweek, Sloan Mgmt Review, Harvard Business Review, NY Times, Forbes). If you are unsure how to find an article, go the library and ask the business reference librarian to assist you.;? Summarize the article (i.e., 1 st paragraph -Provide your summary of the article in the first paragraph ? do not copy the executive summary, 2 nd Paragraph - write a critique (i.e., analyze and discuss the argument(s) of the paper ? you must defend why you agree or disagree with the argument and use facts to support your position), 3 rd Paragraph - express how you can apply the concepts for decision making in your life, career and/or other endeavors.;? Due Thursday, November 13 th @ 11:59 pm;? Put your name, student # and the section (e.g., 001, 002, 900) in the heading that should show up on each page;? Provide a hyperlink to the article;


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