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GED215;Psychology of Adjustment;Text: Psychology For Living: Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior Today;9th Edition, 2008 ISBN: 0-13-222447-X;Authors: Karen Grover Duffy and Eastwood Atwater;Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall;GED215;Psychology of Adjustment;Text:Psychology For Living: Adjustment, Growth, and Behavior Today;9th Edition, 2008 ISBN: 0-13-222447-X;Authors:Karen Grover Duffy and Eastwood Atwater;Publisher:Pearson/Prentice Hall;Final Examination;925 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 Phone: 714-547-9625 Fax: 714-547-5777;03/09;Psychology of Adjustment;Final Examination;Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet);1) The world as we know it today is characterized by;A)more collectivism in comparison to individualism;B)galloping technological changes;C)slower social change than was witnessed in previous decades;D)a movement toward increased industrialization and fewer service industries;2) The fear of technology is known as;A)technophobia;B)electronosis;C)decidophobia;D)computeritis;3)What is the most popular (frequent) method used by Americans to find infor-mation?;A)radio;B)newspapers;C)Internet;D)TV;4) In today?s world, almost ________ percent of Americans use e-mail.;A)75;B)50;C)100;D)25;5) Which is NOT a technique to help the environment?;A)recycle;B)reproduce;C)reuse;D)reduce;6)Truly autonomous people who are unafraid to make important decisions and who accept responsibility for their lives and their decisions are;A)collectivistic;B)self-actualized;C)normalistic;D)decidoteric;1;Psychology of Adjustment;Final Examination;7)Researchers have found high stability across a life span for which personality trait?;A)introversion-extroversion;B)authoritarianism;C)perfectionism;D)self-esteem;8) The highest degree of stability of personality has been found in the domain of;A)authoritarianism;B)introversion-extroversion;C)perfectionism;D)self-esteem;9) How does personal growth usually proceed?;A)acknowledgment, dissatisfaction, reorganization;B)dissonance, neutrality, consonance;C)dissatisfaction, reorganization, acknowledgment;D)dissonance, consonance, neutrality;10) The experience of personal growth usually ends with the stage of;A)changing our attitudes;B)reorganizing our experience;C)acknowledging change;D)feeling anxiety and discomfort;11) In which psychoanalytic stage did Freud say genuine love develops?;A)anal;B)genital;C)latency;D)oral;12)According to Erikson, the second stage of psychosocial development poses the developmental task of;A)autonomy vs. shame;B)industry vs. inferiority;C)trust vs. mistrust;D)initiative vs. guilt;2;Psychology of Adjustment;Final Examination;13) The process by which we learn by observing is called;A)reinforcement;B)punishment;C)observational learning;D)learning theory;14)________ emphasizes the importance of learning and the environment rather than biological or unconscious drives.;A)Jung?s analytical psychology;B)Bandura?s social learning theory;C)Erikson?s psychosocial theory;D)Freud?s psychodynamic theory;15)Ken argued with Audra that they should give up their stressful jobs and move to a small town to start a winery. He was confident they would be successful. Ken has high levels of;A)self-efficacy;B)personality dynamism;C)self-actualizing tendency;D)ego as well as id;16) Humanistic psychology has received national prominence as;A)deconstructivist;B)the third force in psychology;C)emphasizing individual sameness;D)Freud?s theory;17)According to the concept of positive regard, children automatically develop a need for;A)behavior rewards;B)acceptance by others;C)social consciousness;D)valuing self;18) According to Maslow, self-actualizing people;A)have reached a healthier level of functioning than the rest of us;B)are more self-centered than the average person;C)have met all their life goals;D)are exempt from anxiety as well as neurotic behavior;3;Psychology of Adjustment;Final Examination;19) According to Maslow, self-actualization is;A)more common among children than adults;B)rarely achieved until young adulthood;C)a lifelong task that is rarely completed;D)usually attained in Western but not Eastern societies;20) With advancing age, individual differences in development become;A)no different;B)less pronounced;C)more pronounced;D)none of the above describe advancing age;21) The developmental task of leaving home most importantly involves;A)differentiating one?s self from one?s parents;B)getting married and having a family;C)cutting all ties to one?s parents;D)moving out of the family home;22) In the last decade, a trend seen in young adults? behavior is that;A)more young adults are moving in with their parents;B)more young adults are majoring in humanities and social sciences;C)many are less concerned with social issues, such as environment;D)more females than males between 20-24 years old are living with their parents;23) Women in midlife often;A)worry about their biological clock;B)avoid schooling;C)avoid adoption;D)avoid the workforce;24) Is there any way to predict Alzheimer?s disease?;A)yes, mild cognitive impairment at midlife often predicts later Alzheimer?s;B)yes, the way to test for it is to test for memory loss when it is first suspected;C)no, it is found only upon autopsy;D)no, there is no way to predict nor to diagnose it for sure;4;Psychology of Adjustment;Final Examination;25) Viagra is for;A)men only, not women;B)older men in their change of life;C)arthritis in men and women;D)young people, both male and female;26) Which factor(s) account(s) for an individual?s desire to retire?;A)attitudes toward retirement;B)perceived adequacy of income;C)general health;D)all of the above;27) What is true of the Social Security system?;A)the government can be depended on to help the elderly even if they have never worked a day in their lives;B)the age for eligibility is rising;C)individuals automatically receive it upon retirement;D)all of these are true;28) The more active a person is, the more satisfied a person remains is explained by;A)disenchantment;B)the climacteric;C)activity theory;D)disenfranchisement;29)All those perceptions of ?I? and ?me? together with the feelings and beliefs associated with them are called the;A)social self;B)ideal self;C)real self;D)self-concept;30) The notion that each of us has multiple selves really means;A)there is no coherent core of the self-concept;B)everyone has multiple personality disorders;C)there is no such thing as the self-concept;D)the self-concept is a cluster of self images;5;Psychology of Adjustment;Final Examination;31) Experiences that are inconsistent with our existing self-concept tend to be;A)admitted fully into conscious awareness;B)distorted or denied to awareness;C)incorporated into our ideal self;D)labeled accurately;32)Experiences that are consistent with both our sensory reactions and self-- concept;A)are denied to awareness;B)are usually distorted;C)are rarely accurately labeled;D)comprise the core of our self-concept;33) Low self-esteem is characterized by;A)trying so hard to improve his math scores;B)poor performance on spelling tests


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