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Civil war;Student Name;Course;Instructor Name;Date;American role as the 'world police;After the World War 2, America became responsible for the worlds order. Without an effective security force the world would fall apart. Even though there are various laws that protect people from nuclear and biological weapons and genocide, without proper mechanisms enforcement these international laws will be of no use (Pollack, 2011). As long there is evil in the world, someone should take responsibility to ensure that the people are protected from the evil doers.;Foreign policy created after civil war;These are the relationships that a central government has with other countries. For example, when Yugoslev resigned and the NATO forces immediately conducted a bombing campaign against his regime in Kosovo. Also, United State foreign policy assisted ISIS to fill the power vacuum in Iraq. The ISIS takes control of Mosul and Baiji.;Aspects that led to the rise of US as super policemen;United States became the world?s biggest economy in 1865 attaining approximately 50% after the Second World War. Also, Europe and Asia were destructed in the world wars and also the division during the cold war. Additionally, United States extended their opposition to revival of European imperialism in the late 19 th century.;US policing role;America?s leadership particularly in the Middle East countries, as the country tries to fight against extremist groups in Islamic state in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. These groups have horrified the whole world due to the increase in cases of mass murder.;Forces that led to the international policy decision;Syria?s civil wars occurred as a result of minority ruling majority and killing many innocent civilians. The war in Iraq started as a result of violence between Kurds, Sunnis and Shia which led to death of thousands of people. Afghanistan war was triggered by September 11 attacks.;References;Pollack, K. M. (2011). The Arab awakening: America and the transformation of the Middle East. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution.


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