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Submitting your 3?4 pages assignment in APA format means, at a minimum, you will need the following;1. TITLE PAGE. Remember the Running head: AND TITLE IN ALL CAPITALS.;2. ABSTRACT. A summary of your paper, not an introduction. Begin writing in third person voice.;Selecting a for-profit organization of interest, you will research an unusual or conflicting accounting principle that has impacted your chosen organization. The research will require you to present, review and analyze the organizations published accounting statements of the last two years. Specifically, your research paper will;Identify the core functions of each department, their strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations for improvement, as appropriate.;Identify and describe the underlying problem or conflict.;Compare the alternative courses of action.;Explain the effects at issue.;Recommend options that would be consistent with the accounting practices of the organization, accounting processes, and accounting-related departments.;Include the last two years of published accounting statements.


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