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Week One System Design Process;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;1.1;Review the foundations of system design.;1.2;Determine how complexity affects the overall network design.;1.3;Determine the effect of bandwidth and connection types on network performance.;Reading;Read the Week One Read Me First.;Reading;Read Ch. 1, ?Foundation,? of Computer Networks: A Systems Approach.;Reading;Read Ch. 1, ?Introduction,? of Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design.;Reading;Read Ch. 1, ?Systems,? of Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction.;Participation;(Main Forum);Participate in class discussion.;2;Learning Team Instructions;Taylor Ambulance Company Network Infrastructure Project Paper and Presentation;(Preparation);Design a network infrastructure for a new building for the Taylor Ambulance Company in the Virtual Organizations. This assignment is due in Week Five. Follow the guidelines outlined for this project;?;Review the organization?s information on the Virtual Organization site. Pay attention to the current mission and functions, as well as staffing.;?;Utilize at least two outside references for each deliverable in addition to the course texts and websites.;?;Use Microsoft ? Visio ? to provide a cabling diagram and to determine the operating system and protocols needed for optimum 24/7 communications.;?;For Week Five, consolidate all sections of the paper into a final submission including a persuasive conclusion that convinces the company executives that the network design is feasible and necessary. The final paper must be 8 to 10 pages and formatted consistent with APA guidelines.;?;Createa 5- to 10-slide Microsoft ? PowerPoint ? presentation that describes the necessary changes to the network infrastructure, outlining the benefits to company personnel.;o;Include speaker notes in the presentation to assist presenters who may not be IT-oriented and provide this presentation to nontechnical personnel.;o;You may add narration to the presentation. For tips on how to do this, refer to the University of Phoenix Material: Recording a Narration.;Individual;SkillSoft Enterprise Network Architectures;Resources: SkillSoft (2012). CISA Domain: IS Operations, Maintenance, and Support ? Part 2.;Complete Enterprise Network Architectures Model module in Skillport.;Prepare a 2- to 3-page paper describing thetypes of networks commonly found in enterprises.;?;Describe the five types of networks and how they differ based on organizational requirements, interconnected devices and geographical area served.;?;Describe the uses of directory services, DNS, DHCP, network management and remote access services. Generally, what do network services provide?;?;What are the characteristics of wireless LAN or WLAN in terms of their use in a wired Ethernet Lan environment?;Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. A minimum of two outside academic references are required in addition to using course texts and SkillSoft course materials.;Monday;(10/14/13);2;Discussion Questions;Main Forum;Respond to weekly discussion questions.;Thursday (10/10/13);2;Week Two: Internetworking;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;2;2.1;Distinguish among the types of internetworking connections and their best uses.;2.2;Explain the methods fostering optimum network connectivity.;2.3;Assess the financial aspects involved in developing internetworking capability.;Reading;Read the Week Two Read Me First.;Reading;Read Ch. 2, ?Getting Connected,? of Computer Networks: A Systems Approach.;Reading;Read Ch. 3, ?Internetworking,? of Computer Networks: A Systems Approach.;Reading;Read Ch. 2, ?Elements of Computer System Organization,? of Principles of Computer System Design: An Introduction.;Participation;Participate in class discussion.;2;Individual;OPNET Guru Lab 1: CSMA (Ethernet);Complete Lab 1 for OPNET Guru.;Read and follow the lab instructions for Lab 1: CSMA for this assignment which can be found on the student website.;Locate the Toolwire provided OPNET IT Guru remote desktop using the following instructions;1.;Click on the OPNET Guru link located on your student website.;2.;On the Welcome page, make sure you download the Citrix Web Client plug-in.;3.;Click ;Lab Access. Your lab session will launch.;4.;Double-click the ITGURU icon on your virtual desktop.;5.;Accept the software agreement.;Create a report that includes the following;?;A cover page;?;A summary of the lab?s topic;?;A brief description of the process you followed to complete the lab;?;Results obtained and analysis;?;Answers to questions at the end of the lab;?;A conclusion that includes what you learned, difficulties experienced during the lab, and recommendations;Monday (10/21/13);2;Individual;Network Connections Paper;Connectivity for users is a main concern for the network administrator, providing the best architecture is fundamental. Providing this architecture is part of the initial planning process that must take place prior to implementation.;Review the various components needed to ensure connectivity and prepare a 3- to 5-page paper describing these components as well as how the types of connectivity, such as Ethernet or wireless, affect the network?s reliability.;?;Identify issues that can affect network efficiency based on connectivity type.;?;Provide examples of how ISP connectivity service types, such as DSL, CATV, or FTTH, can dictate what options are available for connectivity.;?;Explain how these options change depending on personal or business use and discuss their financial implications.;Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. A minimum of two outside academic references are required in addition to using course texts and websites.;Monday (10/21/13);14;Learning Team;Taylor Ambulance Company Network Infrastructure Project;Review the intranet information available for Taylor Ambulance Company. Little network design information may be available.The team must review the current mission, function, and personnel to determine what types of network connectivity are required.;Complete these sections this week, which must be 3 to 4 pages;?;Determine which modes of network connectivity would best meet the company?s needs.;?;Begin a review of possible costs of using the selected modes to assist in developing a network architecture model through the remainder of the project.;Monday (10/21/13);2;Discussion Questions;Main Forum;Respond to weekly discussion questions.;Thursday (10/17/13);2;Week Three Design Considerations;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;3;3.1;Utilize the requirements analysis process.;3.2;Assess tools and measurement devices for determining performance requirements.;3.3;Explain how advanced routing protocols affect users? network confidence.;Reading;Read the Week Three Read Me First.;Reading;Read Ch. 4, ?Advanced Internetworking,? of Computer Networks: A Systems Approach.;Reading;Read Ch. 2, ?Requirements Analysis: Concepts,? of Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design.;Reading;Read Ch. 3, ?Requirements Analysis: Process,? of Network Analysis, Architecture, and Design.;Participation;Participate in class discussion.;2;Individual;OPNET Guru Lab 5: Net Design;Complete Lab 5 for OPNET Guru.;Create a report that follows the guidelines in the Week Two assignment.;Submit the report to your Individual forum.;Monday (10/28/13);2;Individual;Requirements Analysis Paper;Prepare a 3- to 5-page paper including the following


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