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Chapter # 8 Problem # 15;N2 Surfing Resort???s June bank statement showed the following deposits and checks;N2 Surfing Resort;Bank Statement...




;;Chapter # 8 Problem # 15;N2 Surfing Resort?s June bank statement showed the following deposits and checks;N2 Surfing Resort;Bank Statement;Deposits Checks;Date;Amount;Date;Number;Amount;06/01;$;2,205.60;06/01;652;$;1,261.50;06/05;$;3,872.42;06/03;654;$;1,000.00;06/17;$;5,105.18;06/08;655;$;1,250.00;06/22;$;2,764.87;06/12;656;$;800.00;06/30;$;1,835.92;06/16;657;$;672.31;06/18;659;$;250.00;06/25;660;$;861.12;06/30;662;$;500.00;The cash records per books for June showed the following;Cash Receipts Journal Cash Payments Journal;Date;Amount;Date;Number;Amount;06/04;$;3,872.42;06/01;654;$;1,000.00;06/16;$;5,105.18;06/03;655;$;1,250.00;06/21;$;2,764.87;06/09;656;$;800.00;06/29;$;1,853.92;06/10;657;$;627.31;06/30;$;1,386.45;06/11;658;$;300.00;06/12;659;$;250.00;06/20;660;$;861.12;06/22;661;$;387.05;06/28;662;$;500.00;06/29;663;$;500.00;The bank statement for June 30 showed a cash balance of (a) $12,458.27, the cash balance per books on that date was (d) $12,174.62. The outstanding checks list for May included the following;Number;Amount;648;$;328.05 C;649;$;150.00 C;652;$;1,261.50;There was a debit memo of (f) $22.00 for bank service charges that was included with the bank statement. The bank made no errors, while the company made two errors.;Required: Prepare a bank reconciliation for the company as of June 30.;Below is the bank reconciliation format that you must use.;Chapter # 8 Problem # 15 Solutions;N2 Surfing Resort;Bank Reconciliation;June 30;Balance per bank statement, June 30;$;12,458.27;Add;Less


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